Permanent or portable? You decide.

The XL Wall Channel is made of sturdy anodized aluminum and is available in either gold or black finish. There are six shelf pins for locating the Wall Channel Shelf or the Decorative Brass Trimmed Shelf. These shelves have a walnut wood-grained finish and can comfortably hold up to ten pounds each. Also built into the Wall Channel are three spring-mounted hooks that will lock in a closed position when not in use.

The versatile Wall Channel may be mounted either flush against the wall or built into the wall between wall panels. This provides the user with an attractive, flexible system for displaying flowers, urns, vases, baskets, or other merchandise. The Wall Channel system offers the user an attractive, flexible and functional display area that will highlight the value of the items placed on it.

Item Item Title Item Price
#1110 72" Black Wall Channel $77.00 Buy Now! 
#1112 72" Gold Wall Channel $77.00 Buy Now! 
#1117 Standard Wall Channel Shelf $34.00 Buy Now! 
#1119 Deluxe Wall Channel Shelf $43.00 Buy Now! 
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