Want to fill in the corners? Don't waste space!

Our Pole Rack is designed for strength and ease of use. It has an internal spring mechanism which, when pulled down, will compress to allow the user to easily set it in place between the floor and the ceiling. Padded end pieces protect the floor and ceiling from abrasions.

Just set the stand and locate the Pole Rack Platform Shelf Attachment (#1318) at any height or angle on the pole to create any imaginable arrangement of flowers or other items. The high-strength steel tubing is coated with a green vinyl so as not to detract from the desired arrangement, but it will hold many times its own weight.

NOTE: Pole Racks are custom-made to your exact ceiling height. Exact ceiling height must be provided when ordering.

Item Item Title Item Price
#1916 84" Pole Rack Value Bundle $518.00 Buy Now!
#1907 Pole Rack Customizing Extensions $
#1318 Pole Rack Platform Shelf $65.00 Buy Now! 
#1906 84" Floor-To-Ceiling Pole Rack $238.00 Buy Now!
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