XL Industries has been operating since 1926 when C.J. White began designing and manufacturing floral rack equipment. Since that time his designs have become the standard for floral displays in funeral homes across North America.

The White Manufacturing Company was originally established in Peoria Heights, Illinois. Business was carried on at that location until the late 1950s when the company was moved to Colorado Springs, CO.

In 1976 Mr. White decided to retire from the business after 50 years, and left it in the hands of John Vicary. John Vicary was listed as the president of White Manufacturing Company dating back to 1946. It was at this time the name of the business became XL Industries. John Vicary died in Colorado Springs in July, 1980. Sometime between 1976 and 1980, C.J. White returned to the display equipment business with a different company in Arkansas, USA. It was there that our popular Ladder Rack display and other other designs were conceived.

After the death of John Vicary, XL Industries was sold twice and was falling on rough times. In 1984 James and Isabelle Gallagher purchased XL Industries. James Gallagher had been a business executive for many years and returned the business to profitability.

In 2001 James and Isabelle sold the business to their son-in-law and daughter Doug and Mary Williams. They are the current owners.

In 2011, Doug and Mary Williams moved XL Industries, Inc. to its present location in Helena, Montana.

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To provide the highest quality portable display stands, racks, tables and podiums to any organizations or individuals needing to exhibit art, flowers, trade show products or decorations in an elegant fashion. We will continue to strive to improve our products and create new display solutions for organizers and planners of all events.


XL Industries, Inc. is proud to be the world's leader in US-manufactured, portable display equipment. As we approach our company's centennial anniversary, we are happy to report steady growth, an increasing world market and new product innovations to complement our time-honored display designs.


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Has happy dogs. Likes to roam the wilderness.